Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Maxed out maxi skirt

Hello my lovely readers ,

" I consider Maxi skirts  to be one of the most beautiful, feminine, comfortable and practical fashion pieces that seem to never go out of style.
Here is how I styled my red maxi skirt, be inspired.
Top: keep is simple, tight and tuck it in the skirt.
 Shoes: wear high heels, flip flops or cheat with the platform heels if you have to.

 “There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence transform a yellow spot into sun” -Pablo Picasso
What painter are you?
Have a wonderful day loves.

Tags # Red maxi skirt,tank top,leopard print blouse ,necklace,sandals ,clutch.

Skirt,belt,clutch,Tank: Kims fashions (0734754779)
Sandals: gifted
Watch :Calvin Klein ,gifted
Blouse and scarf:My sisters

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Playing with Stripes

Hello loves,
Decided to play with stripes today.

STRIPES may not always be loud and bold but they have always been everywhere. 
They are a classic print that you can wear if you’re looking for something simple and easy. They are one of the most flattering prints you’ll ever wear.
In my opinion, the key to wearing stripes is to wear stripes matched with a solid.

Thanks for stopping by.
Tags# Sripped shirt,Red Shoes,white denim trousers,red lipstick,Bangles.

Shirt get similar here :> 0734754779
Shoes :Jumia Kenya
Trousers get one here :> 0734754779

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Taking Shorts to New Heights.(Romper Affair)

Hello Dearies, hope you are doing great.
Just a quick post for you loves,a romper affair .
 How cute is the romper?
Rompers seem difficult to pull off but they definitely bring a fresh breeze in fashion. They are comfortable and you can dress them up or down and they always look gorgeous! In my opinion ,they're like putting on a simple dress and grabbing a pair of perfect shoes, and voila! A flattering fit depends on your shape, the cut, and the fabric choice.
 I realized that I was missing this amazing piece and I made up my mind about owning one or two, too late to the party I guess, but better late than never. I paired my floral romper with nude strappy sandals and an antique pendant necklace.



Looks aside,
Is it real-life wearable? 
Would you wear one? 
I’m eager to see what you guys think of this piece!
Fabulous day and again thanks for stopping by. Love you all.

Romper: New look fashions(Eco bank towers)
Shoes: New look fashions
Necklace: old